• WWII Type Taschentuch Handkerchief

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    These are WWII pattern German handkerchiefs of relatively recent production from Europe; ready to fill out a tunic pocket and lend a helping hand in the field when your allergies kick in. The weave, construction, size and color are appropriate for WWII.

    You can now choose from several different markings (see photos):


    • RBNr.0/0429/5081 (generic)
    • HEERESEIGENTUM (army / Wehrmacht)
    • Fl.U.V. (Luftwaffe)
    • Eigentum der Waffen SS 

    Originals and post war models varied in color and style, meaning there was never a strict standard like most things German, but this more subdued gray/blue is one of the better styles out there.  These make a great and very useful personal item.  This was an issued item listed in the soldbuch and not simply a private purchase item so is perfect for every detail oriented reenactor.  Price is for one handkerchief. Limited quantities available.

  • Vintage WWII German Taschentuch Handkerchief Heereseigentum SS Luftwaffe
  • WWII Type Taschentuch Handkerchief
  • Vintage WWII German Taschentuch Handkerchief Heereseigentum
  • WWII Type Taschentuch Handkerchief

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