• Original German Dark Gray Socks (~Size 2)

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    To be original, wear original. After all, why wear reproductions when you could wear the real thing for basically the same price?


    These are ORIGINAL 1930's/40's German dark gray wool socks, and fit roughly a shoe size 10-12 US (roughly a typical German army sock size 2). These are new old stock and have never been worn. They are all in good condition with only maybe a little dirt from storage.


    These have been field tested and they held up great! Based on my experience, I expect them to wear as well as any modern reproduction. These are probably made from a wool/rayon/Perlon blend. 


    Hand wash in cold water, hang dry.


    These are civilian or private purchase, though plain gray socks like this would have been requisitioned for use by the army and especially by SS, as fierce competition with the Wehrmachts existing manufacturing contracts forced them to seek many supplies on the civilian market.


    Important note on sizing: They will fit a size 10-12 which is roughly a size 2, almost a 3,  in normal German army sock sizes. They are marked size 10 1/2. These are original and correct German sizes, I found a reference to a virtually identical type of sock in a 1931 German mail order catalog also sized in this fashion. These are fantastic for collectors or even for reenactors looking for a real authentic experience. The paper tags pop off very easily so the pair you receive may no longer have the size tag.


    Perlon is an early German version of Nylon which found wide use in items like socks, parachutes, fabric, and women's stockings. We have found examples of it from the 30's in some original women's stocking that we brought back from Germany. Many collectors and reenactors incorrectly look at any of these synthetic fibers as post war when, in fact, they were widely used before and during the war especially as Germany's access to natural fibers diminished.

    We also have light gray pair in this same style and gray socks in the army pattern.

  • Original WWII German Dark Gray Socks Wool/Rayon
  • Original German Dark Gray Socks (~Size 2)
  • Original German Dark Gray Socks (~Size 2)
  • Original German Dark Gray Socks (~Size 2)
  • Original German Dark Gray Socks (~Size 2)

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