• G43 & K43 Safety Lever Set

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  • Description

    Reproduction safety lever assembly for the G43 or K43. Set includes 5 parts total.


    All parts were reproduced from originals. This safety is correct down to the tool marks and radii. Originals commonly fall off when the rifle is in use and are often lost. This can be tragic if you are reenacting with an original safety. The lever is made from 1045 steel and heat treated to around 30 RC during the bending process. The plate area may not be as hard, only about 20 RC. We put one safety through the old hammer test and it did not break; these are very robust parts. The plunger is made from 1045 steel and heat treated throughout to 40 RC. The heat treated parts were matched in hardness as closely as possible to 3 original examples. The lever and plunger are treated in black oxide which will ensure long life of the parts and a finish that will hold. The set includes 2 snap rings one metric and one standard. Use which ever one fits your weapon best. The spring is new made to the exact o.d., length, wire size, and tension. The only real difference is these springs are made from plated spring steel and should perform a little better than originals.


    How to identify this reproduction: As these so closely match original safeties It was best to mark them in a way to prevent their resale as originals. Every lever is marked (kt-15) on the face of the lever plate. This is not visible when the weapon is assembled but is easily identifiable when the weapon is disassembled.


    We last made these in 2008 and they sold out fairly quick. If you have been wanting one pick it up before they are gone because it could take us another 6-7 years to make more.

  • WWII German G43 & K43 Rifle Safety Lever Set Reproduction
  • G43 & K43 Safety Lever Set

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