• BW Hatchets Klauenbeil

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  • Description

    These are newer made Bundeswehr hatchets that are extremely close to their WWII German counterpart. The German army used several different variations of this hatchet, so these blend in well. We cleaned the post war paint and gave them a more correct black paint job. They need sharpened, but we will leave that to you as some people seem to be very picky about how their blades are sharpened. All hatchets are used and show minor wear. Even our new black paint job will likely show some wear from being handled around the shop. 

    Hatches like this, are great pioneer items and would have been issued to every gun crew or heavy weapons crew to help build the fighting position.

  • Bundeswehr Hatchets Klauenbeil - Close to WWII German
  • BW Hatchets Klauenbeil

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